Friday, August 9, 2013

Finding your BH

Have you ever met someone and off of one simple interaction or interactions from what others have shared, you decide, they're simply fantastic? You see them as your role model and want to mirror their behavior, their dedication, their choices. You wonder, could I ever make such a positive impact on so many people? Could I achieve this level of success? A true desire to achieve more. A real dream to be a better, more helpful person. Truly striving for more & to help others. A goal to always finding the good in people even when maybe... there is not so much good to find.. 

Well that's Bob Holper for me. Bob Holper is my new hero. I've never had a hero & maybe hero is a bit of a dramatic stretch. But I really look up to him. I think about the way he communicates and any person you talk to will tell you how genuine & humble he is. Maybe I look up to him with tinkling eyes because he's older than I am & naturally, I have respect for his wisdom. But it's more than that. Seriously, I admire his dedication & his ability to communicate with people from all different walks of life. Look, I'm 28, new to this world of fitness, as I gracefully try and take over the weight room, a male-dominated sport, he has encouraged me and gave me confidence to tell them boys to move on ova ;)! From now on I'll just refer to him as BH. I have to apologize to BH, because I think this will embarrass him. Are you wondering who the heck BH is? Unless you've been living under a rock, BH is my new trainer & bodybuilding coach at Lifetime. He doesn't even have to speak a word for you to see his dedication of being fit & living healthy. Today was our first personal session. I used every minute as an opportunity to ask questions & soak in all the knowledge (all while getting my ASS handed to me).. Not only did I ask questions for my own knowledge but so that I could share with you all! I have to say, I learned so much on different types of lifts, positions..haha I was in a few "unique" positions... #awkward... As I transition to body building & focusing on really defining each muscle group, our workout today couldn't have been more perfect, a total body workout. But that's not what this is all about, those workouts will be posted on my website ( & myfitnesspal: MsGreenPea. I've decided that I needed to dedicate this post to inspire you to go out and find a BH in your life. Someone who truly encourages you in a positive way...  to take the next a step of faith, in any aspect of life not only regarding your fitness. Do you have someone that encourages you right now? Who? Thank that person and tell them. You never know how much they will appreciate that. Do they appreciate you now but see you for who you will become? Do they help you set goals and map a plan to keep you accountable? Part of my success in the fitness world is because of my fitness family, the connections I've made, the accountability, and the ability to find my "true self" through people I looked up. Imaginary is powerful. Choice is powerful. It is not only about the weight on the bar or the salad on your plate, it's about a healthy mind. Our MIND is so powerful. If you can believe it, you will BE IT. My commitment as a blogger, journalist, and your virtual workout buddy is to be the BH to you. I know I'm trying to fill some pretty big shoes, but please reach out to me if I can encourage you, strengthen you, enlighten you, reaffirm with you, because HANDS down, having someone that will give you an encouraging hand can make a world of a difference.  

Your Friend in Health, Fitness, & Inspiration,
Christine “CC” Hodges

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1: 30 day Slim with Ms Green Pea

Here I write again on how grateful I am for those of you who read this blog. I see my vision for Ms. Green Pea flourish daily. 

Today, June 1st starts the first 30 Day Slimdown with Ms. Green Pea which is hosted on my website, A free online weight loss and body transformation challenge.  Over the next 30 days, I will lead a group of 30 women who have raised their hands for help, encouragement, & motivation. Asking each of them to step out of their comfort zone, as I once was asked myself, to begin a journey together on learning healthier options for eating, ideas on how & what to eat, exercise tips, challenges, but most important someone who genuinely cares. I want to bring each challenger a supportive & positive community because let's face it, losing weight and changing old habits are hard. But when you have an army behind you it's easier to stand on the front lines & go to battle every day, every meal, every hour. 

I am proud of every single challenger. I will respond to you personally if I haven't yet.  I want to say a special thanks to each of you for helping me stay accountable to my journey, and now ours joins. I'm delighted by this experience. 

So cheers to day 1 & the next 30 days!!!!! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 Transformation Challenge Essay

Feb 11th – May 11th, 2013 Lifetime Fitness 90-Day Transformation Challenge Essay
Written by: Christine “CC” Hodges, Ms. Green Pea

I can close my eyes & am vividly brought back to my thoughts as I stood next in line at the scale on Feb. 11th, the first 90 day weigh in. A competitive aura was evident, with a firm grip I held neatly folded papers with my very detailed goals and a concrete workout & diet plans that my trainer and I had perfectly crafted. Seconds before I weighed in, I told myself I would do it. I will compete to win. I would do whatever it takes to win. I didn’t even know what "winning" meant in that moment but I wanted it.
Shortly after my first weigh in I began to blog, under a blog name Ms. Green Pea. As the days passed and struggles of family illnesses, breakups and work stresses arose ... my concrete plan began to shatter quickly… I missed my first workout; I ate something out of my plan! Quickly, I made a decision to be completely transparent with my journey and I remember thinking, “ha! What a mistake!” After having to write an entry near Valentine’s Day about how many cookies I ate. I kept telling myself, “Shame on me for fooling myself & wasting others time; I wasn’t strong enough, I couldn't possibly follow a plan for 90 days.” But in that moment of shame & guilt I turned to my blog to write about “those feelings” … more like FOOLINGS ... "Fooooldings" as I’d come to call them. Foolish food cravings over feelings! And to my surprise it helped, the more I shared about my "fooooldings" the more it kept me accountable!!! After the blog entry, titled "4 cookies later..." I received so much support. To my complete disbelief, I started receiving an outcry for help! Close friends, Facebook acquaintances, people who I hadn't spoken with in years reached out, even strangers asking for tips, needing encouragement and direction. People saw my 90 Day- Transformation journey as a place for laughs, a place for support, a place for inspiration, and the most life changing experience for me: a place to grow! My journey started helping others!!!!
My days were full: my career in Sales was at an all-time high, salon business on the side, managing somehow to balance life as a single mom I bullied…. & continued to work out with my trainer one-on-one, with TEAM Fitness Crew 3 times a week, long distance running one day a week & Zumba as many times as possible! I asked to upgrade my membership to the Junior Executive Membership at Lifetime so I could have all club access and exclusive training options, with Minnesota’s best! I had workout groups made up of old friends, Zumba classmates that became my best friends, and new friends I had met and started working out with. I even consistently started working out at 6 different Lifetime locations in the Twin Cities accessing the clubs 69 times throughout the 90 day Challenge! What a blast! The positive energy flows similar from club-to-club. I love it and everything that Lifetime has to offer each community. I saw the inches decrease on my body the more others reached for my hand of encouragement & the more I shared my journey with everyone.
The last 90 days of my life were unlike any life experience yet. They were amazing, they were spiritual, they were emotional, and they were truly a great gift given to me, with a message that I was destined to deliver.
The most touching moment during the 90 –Day Transformation Challenge was just recently when I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. I answered which was something I wouldn't have done before. She said "CC...Will you help me?" "Yes, I would love to,” without question & without even knowing who she was or what she needed help with! We both started crying instantly because in that moment, I knew how she felt... How I had once felt & lived: Fat, ugly, insecure, selfless, lonely, shameful, guilty & confused. Even though I didn't know who she was until nearly 15 minutes in to the call, come to find out it had been almost 5 years since we spoke... she reached out …to me? I questioned myself. She reached out for my advice? WHY? And she believed in my words? YES!!!!! In that moment the light bulb of life turned on, in that moment my life changed. And in fact, in that moment I began to live! I began to live as the smart, educated, successful, valued, impactful woman I was determined to be. And now I am compelled, with every interaction I am given, to help others, and more specifically help others find "that person" in themselves. In that moment, I realized, I had won.


A special thanks to my trainer: Alicia Schuelke, you have a gift & for that i admire you. You continue to push me & have always been there for me.
KG, for listening to me & reminding me how important this journey is.
Cameron, you are my breath of life. You're 2 1/2 & someday I hope you read this little man, you are the reason mommy is doing this.
To EVERYONE that reached out to me with questions, with suggestions, with LOVE & support!!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You've kept me accountable!

THANK YOU for following me the last 90 days-- this journey was for you all & has forever changed my life & hopefully changed my waist size for life too!!! YEEEEHAWWWWW!!!

The "winner" will be announced Thursday at 6 pm.. Stayed Tuned! Who will advance to Nationals!!
30% based on actual results
30 % before after pic
30% essay
10% panel of judges

Your friend in fitness & encouragement,
Ms.Green Pea - xo

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two weeks to go!!!! Photo previews!!!!

Well folks, you're still here with me!!! There's 2 weeks left until the final weigh-out on Saturday, May 11th, 2013!

I am currently in 4th place in the challenge!!!!!!! You all know that's not nearly good enough so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. #1 keep doing what I do #2 I will do a 4 day juice detox right before the challenge ends to boost another major weight loss! Yay! I am within reach of being the winner! However, so much more from the last 90 days has been so much more rewarding!!! *tear!!!*

The amount of love & support I've received is through the roof! Chances are if you're reading this you've reached out to me or we have had some sort of exchange regarding this journey or your plans for yours! You all inspire me to want more & keep building my empire & brand, Ms. Green Pea!

Sooooooooo.... You're looking for a photo update huh!??!! Well you're wish is my command!

Remember my vision? its coming true!!! Here is the latest news from Ms. Green Pea!
••• Ms. Green Pea has an official image
••• pending the state of MN's approval Ms green Pea will be licensed LLC! Called ms. green pea worldwide, LLC
••• products ordered for body butter
••• 25 hours of website development
••• may 25th Zumba certification!!!

thank you again for all your support & encouragement. It's been my honor to share my journey with you all!

Remember you can do anything you want if you believe.

Love you all! Enjoy!

Ms Green Pea

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big vision for Ms. Green Pea

When I close my eyes, I have a vision. I visualize an empire. A brand. My brand. Ms. Green Pea. I even visualize what Ms. Green Pea looks like. A spunky woman figure representing a platter of knowledge about weight loss, healthy living, & improvements in our country that we need to act on. Ms. Green Pea will host a website with recipes, "how to's", success stories to inspirational blog posts, to a line of organic body butter effused with different aromas that will help bring elasticity back to our imperfectly perfect bodies, an entire line of local homemade organic granola (yum) that will give back to the our community with each purchase by planting a tree (creating more clean oxygen) using recycled mason jars, charity work with elementary schools nation wide (big vision) on developing their own gardens & a program that teaches children & families about planting, to my latest passion :)) of working with local legislatures to forward to state senators (my pal & Facebook friend Amy Klobuchar) to push out to federal government officials (big vision) get major insurance companies to cover weight loss & nutrition training as preventive care similar to the "gym credit," a health spa that offers all health services from a juice bar, to cooking seminars, to classes Zumba, yoga, massage, chiropractic services, weight loss counseling & nutrition training.... Not to mention GS Patrol to pamper our "Pea's." (#GSHairByCC)... Is that a mind full or what? I want to create meaningful & fulfilling jobs, thousands of them. Just one of any of these visions could change a lot of people's lives. This empire is built from a weight loss journey that turned into a passion for sharing knowledge, following what comes natural, embracing beauty & helping to accept every aspect of "the weight loss journey." A place for power. A place for courage. A place for inspiration. A place to grow.

.... :) I better get started.

~ ms green pea xo

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What the The h#*@ is she doing??!!!??

Throughout the last 10 days, many of you watched & read my daily entries and statuses on my goal of fasting for 10 days off of pure organic juice. You saw the pics & recipes, if you missed out on all the fun, I'll be posting the recipes here too. You may even questioned, “what h#*@ is she doing?” Or maybe you've juiced before yourself… Well, I didn't quite make it 10 days... I made 5 full days on pure organic juice & 5 days on a modification maintenance to avoid instant water retention, weight gain, and inflammation.
I couldn't believe the amount of knowledge I had gained in a short period of time!!! I knew nothing about the reasons on juicing prior to Sunday March 3rd until I watched a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I would encourage you to watch it, rent it, ready about it… it's so amazing. Frankly, for me this was another life-changing moment of my journey! I’ve seen people juice, I’ve heard about it before, I thought myself that juicing was a radical and unhealthy way to lose weight. Conceptually, you eat nothing and you're drinking juice.. DUH.. you're going to lose weight!!!!!!! But there is far more that happens within the body and I am excited to share what happened to me…the good and the bad!

What the The h#*@ is she doing????
The purpose of a juice fast is to turn off your digestive system, which is constantly working to breakdown all the foods we eat, turning, churning, turning, churning. It needs a break. By not having to digest food in our stomach, our body is forced to find stored food, aka stored FAT. So that hamburger I ate 3 years ago that is still being stored in my gut… YES… that’s what I wanted my body to “eat!” So again, it forces our body to burn stored fat to function! The easiest way to explain it is what I like to call the “bear theory” … your body goes into a hibernation-type mode and burns stored fat. It's quite fascinating because it starts to work instantly. Our bodies are a beautiful machine that will run properly when treated properly.

How toxic am I?
You can tell how toxic your body is as you start any diet elimination, food modification, detox or fast. Most people experience several "detox " side effects for the first few days. Imagine the alcoholic coming off alcohol…very similar and not fun at all. The most common symptoms are sleepiness, diarrhea, headaches, cramps, mood swings, energy peaks and lows. Sign yourself up for about three of these that will happen especially if who consume caffeine, meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, and have a high carb diet. Unless you are eating clean (organic greens and no meat consumption) you will have what my friend KG calls the “deets.” My body is still very toxic, I was smoker for 11 years (gross), eating clean now for about year but I still get some of those side effects; however, I was fortunate I was coming off a 5 day gut detox two weeks prior. I didn’t have any detox effects. But by Day 4, my brain was not processing information at its regular speed, I was sloooowwww. Complex carbs fuel your brain to produce energy that moves and motivates you. That’s why I was slow… my brain was deprived of complex carbs. This very same thing (sluggish feeling) can happen if you consume a large amount of simple carbs at one time too!  QUICK TIP:  There are two types of carbohydrates: complex carbs: (legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, raw vegetables) made up of three or more sugars, are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, very important for overall nutrition & simple carbs (Fruit, table sugar, honey, white flour, chocolate, cake, jam, soda, cereal, FRUIT SNACKS) make up of one or two sugars, very little-to-no nutritional value to the body.  

Trusting My Healthy Body & Mind to THRIVE!
I received multiple private messages through Facebook, several people concerned, some people interested in knowing more, & the best part of all, my supporters (insert applause): the people encouraging me all along the way and wanting to try it themselves. I even was questioned & encouraged by a few workout buddies, my trainer was supportive but concerned at the length of time I chose. Day 3, I spoke with my doctor's nurse to get the “stamp of approval.” Read articles online daily, exposed myself to both sides of juicing, the pros and cons. My belief is that juicing is a form of detox only if you're using pure organic vegetables and fruits “juice”, where juice is from raw organic vegetables and fruits (not from concentrate and not in a damn container). My belief is that juicing is healthy in short periods of time (less than 7 days) and the maintenance after is equally as important. And like everything else I'm finding our society is very misled on the perception of juicing due to the media's influence. It’s eye-opening and life changing when you embrace change and live-it! It was truly a moment in my life where I trusted my healthy body to not only survive but thrive! I lost 9.6 lbs & 2.5% body fat in the 5 days on pure juice. That is amazing!!! Friday afternoon, my body told me I needed food. Or it was GOD saying, “EATTTTTTTTTTT.” LOL! I was just ready. It wasn’t that I wanted it.. let me explain, the willpower you have when you realize you don’t “want food” isn’t even something I put in words. I needed food for the first time in my life (I’m 28).  At first, it was hard for me to accept that I didn't make my intended goal of 10 days on pure juice, other people have done 30, 60, 90 days and I wanted to be accountable to that number of days I set for myself. But I listened to my body and chose to eat again. The first meal I ate, was sautéed vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, onions), and OMG the flavor. I was in heaven. The following morning, I gained 1.6 lbs. I decided I needed a plan ASAP. I heard and read the horrors stories on the rapid gain back and just KNEW there had to be away to avoid it. I decided I will eat light food, foods with lower sensitivities – basically back to the raw vegetables I put in the shakes and slowly add back foods. I transitioned to 3 Veganmax protein shakes a day, and gradually added food on one meal. Not only did that offset the gain, I ended up losing more! From Sunday, March 10th until today (Thursday, March 14, 2013) I am down another 2.6 lbs. For a grand total of 12.2 lbs in 10 days.

 “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Albert Einstein  
Anything unfamiliar triggers questions. That’s healthy! I exchanged chat conversations & happily answered questions and I can only speak on experience from my own journey. I am finding that this is my calling. This is my way that I can help others change their life as I have changed mine. I want to be an advocate for people who want to have similar life-changing experiences. Not everyone is ready and not everyone understands what that even means. I don’t even know what is in store for me from here on out! That’s okay! My friend Rain has seen similar success in her own life and her children, simply by exposing and educating herself to what is in our food and embracing an organic-plant-based diet since January of this year! My friend Jackie, is so intrigued, she messages me at least 3 times a week asking questions. I love that!
As I mentioned before, I was questioned on my choice to juice. It hit me like a brick wall, I didn’t see coming. At first, I didn’t know WHY this was happening. Up until this point, everyone that had every reached out to me was positive. This was different. This was meant to be hurtful. Thankfully, when you juice you become more spiritual and visual, the “old me” would have responded and reacted. I’ve learned not to react to the point of being able to transfer energy and control my atmosphere. If I don’t like it, I’ll leave it. I am in control. I am not afraid to be alone. I am not afraid of stepping outside of the box. In those moments of intended negativity, discouragement, and judgment, I relied on my mind and my willpower…. You don’t have food to comfort your emotions or to escape. You pray and live through the emotions. It’s quite fascinating and unreal to grasp without an open mind. The ability to “transfer energy” to the closed mind is a tough concept. Whatever their belief is or isn’t, whatever my belief is or isn’t I’m open to sharing mine and I’m opening to always being able to learn and make changes without judgment. I have determined that it’s hard for people to adapt to “my change” especially those who have been so closely tied to my journey, my success, and my life. As described to me, it’s like rewriting a contract without a contract being written in the first place. Theory one: I rely on someone to educate me, I learn from that educator, I am become educated and implement, I want to educate more people so that knowledge is shared, all while the original educator loses their sense of control. I was able to see more clearly those who were truly on my side, those “friends” of mine who have and stood on the sidelines, not encouraging or discouraging, yet existing. Something at some point will impact those “friends” to implement change in their life and I want to maintain those relationships and be open to helping them when they are ready. As I’ve shared before, I am here for you.

Sitting in the HOT seat
In my chat conversations, in person, and private messages… wherever “that person” was at in their journey, I had over 15 conversations and received the same questions from everyone! I thought I would share a few of top questions:

 #1: Why are you doing this?
I'm always looking for ways to shock my system & becoming more pure. My overall all goal is to lose body fat, so I'm depending on my body to work off of fat that's been stored for a while.

#2: Aren't you scared you'll gain it back?
Yes. Will I gain it back? No. By maintaining my current diet, high protein, high complex carbs, low sugar, no dairy, low gluten, no soy.. basically staying plant based and eating organic greens, I will continue to lose more with ample exercise.

#3: Are you getting enough protein?
No.. I am not getting any hardly any protein. The purpose of the juice is to allow my body to work off of what I already have stored.

#4: Are you losing muscle?
Probably… by removing the fat which is harder to burn when I go back into my normal routine gradually increasing my protein in each meal, I will rebuild any lost muscle.

#5: Are you starving?
No. I never felt hungry. At first it was weird not to chew anything – I didn’t allow anything but the juice and water – so when I chewed for the first time after 5 days – my jaw actually hurt it was weird!
#6: Are you constantly running to the bathroom?
To pee yes.

#7: Will you do it again?
Yes! My goal is to juice once a month for one week.

One common assumption:
#1: You're not eating so of course you're going to lose weight!!!
Well, that’s actually quite the opposite! If you allow your body to go into starvation mode, it will actually hold on to fat rather than burn it having the adverse reaction of not losing weight or fat. Raw juice contains many nutrients and with the amount of nutrients of over 50 servings organic fruits & vegetables in a day on a juice fast the body is not in starvation mode.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy New Year to ME!

I am sitting here in awe of reflection over the last 365 days. Today, I am celebrating one year of "new life." Reflecting on the commitment i made to myself and my son. Boy, i had no idea life was this GREAT! Coincidentally, one year ago today i joined Lifetime & one year today i started training with Alicia Scheulke. I didn't know "this new life" would happen but now I have a mission: to share my journey with you all. So thank you for following my journey this far & to those who encourage me privately, publicity, face to face, a simple like, to a hug or phone call... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

When I moved to Eagan last year on February 17, 2012 I had one of those long talks with myself as I stared at the ceiling taking in the quietness around me in this unfamiliar place. That conversation was not pretty. It was one of those conversations that goes like ..... "but I like that" ... "But 'that' is ruining your life... " ... So ultimately the Holy Spirit & gift of forgiveness that I received at baptism many years prior shined a beautiful light on me in that moment. Along side many prayers from my family, especially my mother :)) , coworkers, & friends. I decided my son & I needed & deserved more. I started by eliminating a few lengthy friendships & stuck to myself for a while & pleaded for direction, I was lonely, I was sad, but i would always see my son & his continued growth so I decided to let God take over & completely surrendered my own "plans." BEST DECISION. My only goal was to get involved in "some sort community in Eagan" & frankly i don't know what my motivation was for having that goal (GOD) ... but i figured well I'm over weight & have a christian faith so i did two things that made the most sense: joined Mary, Mother of the Church & Lifetime both in Eagan & both minutes from my new home. Wow. God is amazing.

Most of you reading this know may know the past few years weren't easy for me. Maybe some of you don't know that my past prior to living in Eagan consisted of a very rocky relationships, troubling & an unsafe environment. however, through it all I maintained & excelled in my career. so I always used that as an excuse of why my personal life was so chaotic. You can't have both. my personal life prior to last Feb was so unbalanced. In reflection, I found myself trapped in a web of friendships, groups of people, types of food, music, & situations that were not healthy nor healing & actually very damaging to my inner peace & the preciousness & innocence of my own child. I didn't know what inner peace was or that it existed. I lived in a constant state of endless drama for years. BUT my past is my past & because of some poor decisions I made..... I'm here today!!!

Last year, I was at a turning point in my life where I wanted to give my child more than just a fair chance at life, even if i couldn't give him the "perfect family i dreamed of," i was determined that he would have the best home, everything he needed & a little more. That started with a safe environment. Hence the move to Eagan. And IMMEDIATELY, the quality of life for Cameron & I changed for the better. And then, somehow a few days after I moved I ended up through the doors of Lifetime. Committing to 6 am training sessions 3xs a week. I thought I lost it for sure. Those around me thought that too. I heard a lot if criticism from people who I thought wanted happiness for me, telling me I'm choosing this "training" over my son. I again, somehow disregarded that negativity & kept pushing on. As the months past, layers upon layers of YEARS of pain, sadness, lies, falseness, disbelief, rage, anger & self worth rose through my cells as I controlled and eliminated more and more unhealthy and toxic choices: from food to friends to quitting smoking to eliminating dairy to testing my mental strength through detox to seeing my shoulder muscle for the first time. I ran 10 miles without stopping. I can not believe how much growth I've seen in myself as I was determined everyday of the 365 to continue my new life. I couldn't have done this alone and I didn't do this on my own. Frankly, with out the crew of you encouraging me I wouldn't be this passionate, this educated, & this impactful.

First & foremost thank you God for giving me inner strength to fight though the hard times & helping me to see each small achievement as a form of success. Secondly, i can't put in to words my feelings without crying. God puts people in your life for a reason. Cameron, I love you more than I can ever put in words. I'm so honored to be your mother. Your joy for life is why I'm doing this. Again, God puts people in your life for a reason, Alicia Scheulke, you have a gift. Your commitment to helping people change their lives inspires me. You've changed my life forever. You pushed me when I thought I peaked. You believed in me when I didnt believe in myself. You reminded me how important I am to my teammates when I was injured in October. You accepted me for my imperfections. For all those reasons & 3,579 more. You are an impeccable woman at the age of 25 & you've saved so many lives I'm just in awe. Awwww Kristin Hogan, your conviction for better health through your coaching has brought my plate progression & food transformation to a whole new level. You challenged me to stop eating dairy for one week. And you believed I could do it. Your spirit is always with me when I'm making food decisions & you have the kindest soul. Lifetime is so lucky to have you two, you both need to demand raises!! There are so many other people to thank for their encouragement my very close friend & coworker Kim G who has whole heartedly given me the best advice & direction for choices, & has always cared. Thank you. Nico Moore you showed me ways that i could parent & my relationship with my son has never been better, thank you for helping me embrace my self as my self which I didn't know how awesome it was to be my self -- thank you. Mari Rodriguez for being my virtual workout buddy, now you know when the word competition is involved she & I will be there in #1 or #2!!!!. Ann Marie Kline for being my detox buddy.... Holy cow thank you!!! My best friend Ashley Korf for running & encouraging me to sign up for races (lost count at the #). But again to all of you, who are mentally cheering me on, telling me, asking me, showing me that my journey is inspiring I would say: you're why I am here. Keep me accountable to you. And know that every choice you make could be your last so live life to the fullest everyday and be the change you want to see!!!!!

Ms. Green Pea